Rental Video Show

The Video Rental Show comes from the passion of a musician - dj who grew up between shows, events and concerts, with the strong attraction to the technology applied to the field and his outstanding potential

Promotes large-scale events for years with the support of well-known companies for hiring a powerful projectors for cultural events, tourist attractions and national days across Europe

The vast and varied experience in the field can expand the horizons of technology and specialize in this field in choosing the best partner to service the customer.

The secret of the intermediation of the Video Rental Show is the collaboration with companies and specialized technicians and trained, able to acquire data, process and produce shows in an accurate, precise and with very high quality.

Our mission is to carry out a highly professional and qualified, performed with the main objective to satisfy all customer needs.

All this has enabled the Video Rental Show in a short time to become the leader of intermediaries between customers and the best companies in the industry and a landmark in organizations large projections

For both the design and 2D and 3D animation for the projection of the "show package, rely on computer systems and computer design in order to offer a product that excel becomes a masterpiece of art and technique, capable combine precision manual and creative passion.

Our knowledge is specialized for the projection equipment, Laser, Video, Interactive Solutions, lighting, projection screens and water fountains.

The Video Rental Show has already proven to be fully in line with the new philosophies of art, architecture and projection, and his works always have an original approach, professional, advanced and high quality.

The Rental Video Show
Produce innovative events to "always remember"!


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